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Expansive use of the land by man leads to increasing barrenness of the soil. Cultivation of agricultural crops is becoming more and more difficult. It also impacts the food we eat  - there are not much minerals and nutritions.

The series "Environmental thoughts" 

The series "Environmental thoughts" consists of abstract works devoted to the topic of environmental issues. I used abstract forms, to reflect the topics that have been bothering me for a long time. I designed them using pictures taken by an electron microscope (SEM) - and sparing brush strokes.

Each of the artworks reflects a different problem that we face as human beings. We only have answers to some of them. During these workshops, graphene appears as one of the solutions. Using forms of graphene, related compounds and its composites, I gave it a new meaning. At this point, it becomes not only a physical but also a mental or even spiritual medium leading to environmental awareness. 

I chooosed graphene, because It’S integral Part of my life due to my husband Tomasz. Electrone microscope photos which I used to Make my artworks was made by him.

As you can see the composition of all artworks is full of harmony and even dynamic pieces are peaceful. The contrast between the topics discussed in the graphics and their harmonious form is not an accident. I used the same mechanism that is characteristic for dreams. This allows a viewer to get used to the topics I'm bringing up, which leads to the conversation instead of being scared away by the amount of negative feelings. 

They symbolically present a vision of a world in which nature and man coexist in peace.

Let me tell you shortly about the main thought of every graphic:




04 September 2020

Exhausted land

Fear of nature is one of the things genetically programmed in every human being DNA. The current situation in the world flips it entirely. Now we fear for nature and we hope it will survive.

Natural fear

Because of rising sea level, many countries can be completely flooded. For poor people that will be the biggest issue, because of a lack of money to move they will lose a place to live.

So far, an unresolved problem is the production of electricity, which in most countries is obtained by burning coal. We are all looking for a renewable and also efficient source of energy

Trembling sea

Black energy pit

Lowering the average world temperature is currently becoming one of the most important goals of the coming 5-10 years. If this goal fails, the consequences will be catastrophic.

Temperature heist

Every year air quality is getting worse. We can see it mostly in big cities, where on some days you can't breathe outside. Because of climate change, we have also another problem - tornados. They begin to appear in areas where they have not yet occurred or have appeared very rarely.

Air breaker

Melting glaciers are a phenomenon that we can observe for many years. However, through the appearance of Arctic ice, often mistaken for glacial ice, there are voices that this problem is a mystification.

Melting chances

Spontaneous forest fires are the topic that keeps going back to us. W have very dangerous fires at Australia and Siberia which are beyond humans control. This year in Poland there was also a big fire of Białowieski Primeval Forest which is on UNESCO list. 

Here you can see video, from our presentation "Graphene meets Graphite: towards a cleaner environment" :

Flame forest

Katarzyna Bem-Kukulska

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