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50 x 50 cm - 67 zł

60 x 60 cm - 97 zł

30 x 30 cm - 47 zł

50 x 50 cm - 67 zł

60 x 60 cm - 97 zł

30 x 30 cm - 47 zł

Graphic "Temperature heist"

About artwork


Graphic 'Temperature heist' is part of a series of graphics 'Environmental thoughts' made by me, using ink, an Asian brush and electrone microscope's photos made by Tomasz Kukulski . It includes  abstract artworks, touching upon issues related to environmental protection and the current state of the Earth. These graphics were made on the occasion of The EuroScience Open Forum held in Trieste in 2020.



Shipping in #lesswaste spirit  


All orders are shipped without using unnecessary amounts of plastic. In order to protect the environment and minimize the amount of waste produced, each consignment is packed using the following materials:

  • a cardboard tube - which you can easily use again for shipping or store your posters, large sheets of paper, or whatever else comes to mind,

  • paper tape - which you can throw away, or reuse, because very often it is still fit for use after peeling off,

  • two sheets of acid-free tissue paper - another element that can be reused. It is suitable for securing other posters stored in the tube. It can also be used to store vintage clothes or for example a wedding dress. Just wash the clothes, wrap them in blotting paper, put them in the box and the "preserved" clothes should not be destroyed or yellowed during longer storage,

  • I do not add unnecessary flyers to your order, you will only find my business card inside,

  • I use a little bit of foil to protect my graphics from moisture (here I'm still looking for an alternative of environmentally friendly materials available in Poland - if you have any idea what can be used instead of foil, contact me).

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  • digital printing with ecological inks on high quality paper 200 g/m2,
  • original graphics, created and made in Poland,
  • shipped in a hard cardboard tube (except for the smallest size A4), without using unnecessary materials to protect the environment.


Graphics colors may be slightly different, depending on individual monitor settings.


The frame is not included.



Graphics will be sent within five working days after posting

the payment.


Katarzyna Bem-Kukulska

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